Artist Statement

My practice exists within the realms of sculpture, writing, moving image and installation. I explore contemporary attitudes towards intimacy and ways in which we might seek comfort and security. This is informed by considering human desires in relation to various heterotpian spaces. 

The work is often poetic, composed of domestic objects and re-appropriated images, drawing on personal nostalgia and collective memories through British culture and domestic spaces. I am fascinated by our interior realm as poetic and dreamlike spaces, referring to Gaston Bachelard’s text, The Poetics of Space. I am especially drawn to identifying objects from the past, interested in how these are romanticised, particularly technology as it loses function and place. I often use and re-position these in the work which might be accompanied by poetry, sound, film or textile. I frequently use processes such as tufting and ceramic as traditional and feminine whilst to reference a sense of domestic comfort. 

Throughout, I also consider the role that heterotopias, a term coined by Michel Foucault, might create a form of escapism or confinement when considering the role of order and behaviour. Through identifying images and objects, I consider our desire for security and search for answers and hope, and how this manifests in response to our universal concept of the big other. I often critically reflect on the nature of astrological beliefs in particular, and how amongst internet culture, it might influence and guide relationships whilst inspiring to construct identities amongst the blurring of fictional and non-fictional narratives.